The life of a pencil

  • It all starts with “I want a pencil” someone says to another.
  • Ok, graphite is processed into small rods of lead.
  • The wood is processed and cut to size, it has a slit along the shaft.
  • Lead is placed in the slit, and a side of the wood slit is spread with a glue.
  • As the pencil moves along in the process the wood is folded glueing the sides.
  • The eraser and metal tip is added to one end.
  • The pencils are bundled and shipped.
  • Now the I want person can have his/hr pencil for money.
  • This begins the life, and life is terminated when the wood is trimmed too much or broken, or lost not to be found.
  • I am sorry to say that I do not know the sex life because I am too young.

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