Moving out

No, not me!  The girl down stairs is moving out because of the noise next door to me.  I have no one below me, so I am good.  The people above me, young couple does make some but it is cleaning and that is not a problem for me.  The ones above the family next to me, I am not sure if they are the one that makes a lot of noise or now.  I do not know them.  A new move in across the breeze way from me so far has been a little noisy, but only been here a few days.

I did hear that the one moving out has bought a house of her own.  Now that is a good thing and smart.  I have seen terminations, evictions, and just up gone since I moved in to this apartment.  I still stay, just signed for another year starting in July.  I figure that I can stay here as long as I can, then, and I hope not, an old folks home.  I will have to make that decision when that day comes.

I watch them daily come in and leave.  Yes the rent goes up for some a lot, for me a little this year.  Some time it goes up to much, but that is apartment living.  I am too old now to consider another way of doing it.  Life goes on.  They are moving out.

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