Something to thank about

  • If you have questions to ask, you know it is wrong to ask, then how do you learn?
  • If a personal issue attracts the attention of others, does it become questionable?
  • If a person is bothering someone, you know they mean harm, do you intervene?
  • If you are nice and helpful to someone, is hurting them or helping them?
  • If someone comes to you with a problem, they ask for your advise or help, say you help them with an understanding it will be returned, it is not, did you actually help or ruin a friendship?
  • If you are down on your luck, you go to church, sit in the back, people look at you as to say why are you there?, you are not treated as the others, you just needed to pray, being treated badly will you feel better when you leave, or should someone say something to you to build your confidence up in trusting others?

Something to thank about,


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