My positive attitude

Today, even with the eye problem that I am sure will go away, I have a positive attitude, and a positive outlook on the future.  I am so behind right now, but I will be caught up in a few clock changes.  I had rather be delayed than unable to move forward and complete the things that I want to accomplish today.

I hit a few milestones last evening that I feel good about.  I know the numbers are low to so many, but to me it was encouraging.  I went over 20 followers, and I received over 50 likes both of which are high points for me since I have been doing this.  I am striving to move even higher in the future.  I hope that so many around the world will hope on the but and ride with me, it is a free ride, a round trip, and I hope a friendship ride.

So onward to see the world.

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