• Is it wrong to express yourself to the messes using your artistic talents?
  • Is it wrong to speak in a way which is a physical deformity from years past?
  • Is is wrong not to believe as so many others do?
  • Is it wrong that we as an individual, thinks, believes, and projects differently than others?
  • Is it wrong to believe in yourselves and not follow others of different beliefs?
  • Is it wrong to believe as I do that we are free to communicate our views, not to require others to act on our views, but to share their views peacefully.

My point is that we can write, talk, and act our ways of communicating our thoughts to others as long as we do not get violent and hurt others for their thoughts.  Freedom is just that, we have latitudes to convey and to communicate is so many ways to honor out beliefs and never hurt anyone.  No harm in being different.

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