Looks likt fun


No this looks like some fun that I would want part of.


Now you see the cables, but still where is the dump truck to get loaded? lol


It looks like the first shot, a different perspective.

Classical Music

The elders of good listening are those of the classic music age. I would have never thought that I would be interested in classical music.  I have never been to a live concert of the Arts even though I was on Broadway in NYC.  I do not car for Opera because I do not understand it, but the instrumental I do enjoy.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Von Beethoven are a couple that I enjoy the music of, I find it relaxing.

Work in motion

Clothes in dryer, bisquits a cooking, boston butt ready to heat.

This what is am doing right now.  I did get my medications organized for the week.  I am not planning much work today and tomorrow.  Just on here which is fun (a three letter word).

Finally my eye and socket is feeling much better.  I felt like I had been boxing and got a left hook.  I do not do that any longer.  In fact the last one I was in was after school around 1962.


Two for one

I am in three different blog systems.  I do spend most of my time with WP because I like it so much and the people that I have had the pleasure of reading are WOW.  Right now sitting here I have two systems active, the third maybe if I had another screan I could have it active also.  I just enjoy traveling the world and learning so much for the travels.  So right now I have WP and Typepad active.  The Blogger is still inactive for now.