Who am I

I sometime sit and ask “Who am I”?  I ask it not to learn my name, my employ, my address, but just to know “Who am I”?  So let me begin.

Who am I, I ask myself, I believe that I am a good person of hard times.  My dear mother was sick a lot from the time that I first met her at the hospital when I was born or hatched, she never told me that part.  I was a well child until I stopped driving semi’s in 2007.  As a young boy I’d cut grass for money so that I could help my mother and my then girl friend and I to go to movies, 3 grade, we remain friends today, I call her twice a year her birthday and Christmas.  Oh, I also must say that I am not perfect in no means, but I also was never a bad person in life.

Ok, so Who am I?  I am just a male that worked hard over the years for what I have, had, and maybe will ever have.  I married once, divorced once, we have two boys (men), one just retired from the Navy of 27 years as a LCDR.  The other son we almost lost in 1995 due to an auto accident.  He is doing well married and wife with a child with many difficulties.

Now, Who am I?  I am a mediocre man who has done his best each day to do right and take care of family elders and myself.  survivor of cancer 8.5 years now.  I am of course, old in time, young in life and spirit.  A friend to those want to be, and to those who do not, that is cool to me also.  My heart flows red, but it is a good heart, strong and on time.  So Who am I?  I am just me, an American.

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