Old fellow

Old fellow, you cometh to me asking for help, how may I help you on this day of rejoicing?

I am neither a doctor, lawyer or a government man. Therefore, I know not what I might do for you.

I present you with coin, I share my bread and wine, I tell you of work, and you are not interested.

I bless you with wisdom; I wish you well in your travels,

I look around at all the beauty, I see so much, and I ask many questions.

How can a creation of such magnitude stay so humble and beautiful for so long?

So Old fellow, how may I be of service to you?  If work is not your goal, then what do you seek?

Young sir you have befriended me with your good tidings, you have shown a friendship of honor.

You, young sir, shall profit many good deeds ahead.  Trust, and you shall redeem.

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