Communications today

Modern day communications have come a long way from, say the 1950’s.  I recall the old phone on the wall, you would crank to get the operator and ask to be connected to some name that you wanted to talk to.  She would patch you to them.  Yes, the line for sure was a party line, meaning that it would have other people on it also.  They could listen in and you may or may not know it.  Then came the dial phones, finger in the dial doing circles with it for a number.  The push button came around, I guess still here now that I think about it, cells, home phones, car phones etc all have a push button.  But, but we do have text, email, video call, wireless calls, FB calls, calls from anywhere to anywhere, wow, what a change.  Cools things are ahead also.

I ask sometimes what would we do or did we do without all of this portability in communications in the past years.  I wow myself when I think of it.  When I was in the Army I was in communications and we had rooms full of equipment just for the teletype systems.  In the Navy, we had rooms of equipment also for radio and underwater communications.  I love communications and continue to try to improve my abilities.  I have always wished that I had become a HAM operator years ago.

So let me communicate this blog around the world in a second or two.

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