Car vs SUV

I have one SUV and one Car.  Which do I like best?  I like and enjoy both vehicles.  The car is an Elantra 2017, 4 cylinders, shows 160 on the speedometer.  I know it will get up and go, no questions asked.  Great on fuel mileage 32 ±, and cheap to operate.

The SUV is a V8, 2006,  GMC YUKON.  Shows 120 mph, it is not as great as the Elantra on fuel mileage 18 mpg.

Both vehicles are easy to run, and fun to operate.  I alternate weeks with my being the only driver.  So for me to rate either of the two I have against each other, would be hard.  Each vehicle has its own personality and purpose.  I’d drive either anywhere I wanted to go.

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