A kid’s charity

A friend of mine sold some boston butt, freshly cooked, to help her son’s girlfriend and team to travel to Florida for a baseball world series.  I bought one, she said she had sold ten just herself.  The little girl got enough money that her trip is paid for in full.  I like the good news.  It seems that I am always helping little ones move forward, and I have no complaints, they have to turn to adults to help and each and every one is as cute as they can be, their smiles make it worth my contribution.  Girl Scout cookies, I will buy but not take tell them to sell to someone else that I am not supposed to have them.  They are thankful.

I would hope that I am not the only one that feels this way.  When I was a biker we did charity runs all the time for sick, at Christmas, etc. just so little kids could have a great day and a positive outlook in life.

We, my bike club, also visited Old Folks homes with cards on Christmas.  Again smiles are great.

Thanks to all that care for others.

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