Updated site

I have gone nuts again and updating my site with a different theme.  A couple of tabs are in the update stages so please bear with me as I figure it all out.  I hope this will be a pleasure to the eye and the pen.

I want to thank each an everyone that has supported me to get settled in here at WP,  I know it is all in the support that you give and receive that makes this worthwhile.  There is so much talent here with these blogs and sometimes I feel unsure if I am contributing or not, I hope to be, however I also know that I am learning much more than I believe that I ever have.  The practice I hear makes things better in the long run.

I am now off to the cages to work on this.

Communications today

Modern day communications have come a long way from, say the 1950’s.  I recall the old phone on the wall, you would crank to get the operator and ask to be connected to some name that you wanted to talk to.  She would patch you to them.  Yes, the line for sure was a party line, meaning that it would have other people on it also.  They could listen in and you may or may not know it.  Then came the dial phones, finger in the dial doing circles with it for a number.  The push button came around, I guess still here now that I think about it, cells, home phones, car phones etc all have a push button.  But, but we do have text, email, video call, wireless calls, FB calls, calls from anywhere to anywhere, wow, what a change.  Cools things are ahead also.

I ask sometimes what would we do or did we do without all of this portability in communications in the past years.  I wow myself when I think of it.  When I was in the Army I was in communications and we had rooms full of equipment just for the teletype systems.  In the Navy, we had rooms of equipment also for radio and underwater communications.  I love communications and continue to try to improve my abilities.  I have always wished that I had become a HAM operator years ago.

So let me communicate this blog around the world in a second or two.

Pass it on

Pass it on if you know something good is going to happen

Pass it on if you know something bad is going to happen to the masses

Pass it on, but do your homework first to make sure you have the facts at hand

Hold it and research more if not sure

Hold it and double-check sources of information

Governments will misguide you if you are not careful

The facts are out there, so get them right and document before you comment

But pass it on if you know you are right.


Who am I

I sometime sit and ask “Who am I”?  I ask it not to learn my name, my employ, my address, but just to know “Who am I”?  So let me begin.

Who am I, I ask myself, I believe that I am a good person of hard times.  My dear mother was sick a lot from the time that I first met her at the hospital when I was born or hatched, she never told me that part.  I was a well child until I stopped driving semi’s in 2007.  As a young boy I’d cut grass for money so that I could help my mother and my then girl friend and I to go to movies, 3 grade, we remain friends today, I call her twice a year her birthday and Christmas.  Oh, I also must say that I am not perfect in no means, but I also was never a bad person in life.

Ok, so Who am I?  I am just a male that worked hard over the years for what I have, had, and maybe will ever have.  I married once, divorced once, we have two boys (men), one just retired from the Navy of 27 years as a LCDR.  The other son we almost lost in 1995 due to an auto accident.  He is doing well married and wife with a child with many difficulties.

Now, Who am I?  I am a mediocre man who has done his best each day to do right and take care of family elders and myself.  survivor of cancer 8.5 years now.  I am of course, old in time, young in life and spirit.  A friend to those want to be, and to those who do not, that is cool to me also.  My heart flows red, but it is a good heart, strong and on time.  So Who am I?  I am just me, an American.

Car vs SUV

I have one SUV and one Car.  Which do I like best?  I like and enjoy both vehicles.  The car is an Elantra 2017, 4 cylinders, shows 160 on the speedometer.  I know it will get up and go, no questions asked.  Great on fuel mileage 32 ±, and cheap to operate.

The SUV is a V8, 2006,  GMC YUKON.  Shows 120 mph, it is not as great as the Elantra on fuel mileage 18 mpg.

Both vehicles are easy to run, and fun to operate.  I alternate weeks with my being the only driver.  So for me to rate either of the two I have against each other, would be hard.  Each vehicle has its own personality and purpose.  I’d drive either anywhere I wanted to go.