Crisis: now spelled correctly

I pay money for this Grammarly to help me.  I caught myself spelling crisis wrong and maybe there is a word liked I spelled, but it was not my word.  If my misspelled word offended any sorry did not mean to.


I just downloaded the updated version of OBS so I have been playing with it some and I think I may like it a lot.  It has a good sound and video quality to it.  I could actually hear and understand my ever word.  Maybe I can make some scary video blogs…lol  I guess not.  I had assumed that if all was into video blogs then this machine would light up like Christmas.  But I would not ask for it either. lol.

I do think I will like this version of OBS once I get into it.

I missed my news report due to my chrisis that I had.

Memorial day

Ok, as you may know I feel close to the military and the ones that have given all so that we may have the best.  I know that goes to many countries that do not have this weekend or date for this purpose but they should.

I want to take this minute to say to all active military, retired military, and the non-retired military that served–THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, TO YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS I ALSO SAY THANK YOU– GOD bless those that never returned, gave all, and those that are trying to return from their ills.  Thank you America for caring and GOD Bless the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

CRISIS and glue

Today, a Friday, a long weekend, of course it has to be the day for a CRISIS no management required just action to solve a problem.  With a lot of effort, running around, I finally got it fixed and the CRISIS resolved and now I am back on track for the weekend.  Not doing anything, just hanging out here on the machine.

Do you know about glue?  Well, when it gets on your fingers they feel so funny, feel like they are shrinking.  I thought I had got it off my fingers then a dummy touch the glued material again and there it goes.  I wish Elmer would just stick to milk, ice cream inand no longer glue stuff.