Old trees

My question to me was,” What is the oldest tree alive in the world?”  Wow, so many answers and I am amazed, these threes are almost as old as me.

Methuselah, a 4,845 year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine, found in the White Mountains of California.

The Pechenga Great Oak Tree 2,000 years of age, species Coast live oak Quercus agrifolia is the oldest oak tree in the United States, possible in the world.

A tree not named, at the ripe young age of 4,112, of the species Yew Taxus baccata is alive and found in 2016.

A lot more out there, one is even showing its age of 9,550, an old spruce in the Dalama province of Sweden.

So some fun things to think about, what do trees eat, drink, smoke, and do for fun.  To old for me, but I am not looking any way. lol


I have arrived back home.  All went well.  Traffic is lousy where I had to go.

So as soon as I stop moving around like I am in Jet-lag, I will drop by for some more stuff to post on here.  Maybe it will be interesting or at least an attention getter. lol

The debarkation

Shortly I shall depart for my physical.  I have no worries about how it will come out, it is just me having to go to Atlanta.  But I will say this I have been there before and made it ok so I can do it again as I will today.

The debarkation that I did not want, but when you apply a claim with the government and they have so much money to waste.  I say waste because this is a duplication of effort because they want an independent facility to add 10¢ to the results.

What I am doing is asking for a revaluation of my disability.  Maybe or not anyway I will know in the near future.