The wild north

As my morning travels carried me westward to my hometown to a Waffle House.  I have returned from the westward travel.  It is wild because the traffic is crazy this time of the morning.  While at the Waffle House, I heard about a shooting about a mile from me.  Someone was being robbed I am not sure of the full story myself, anyway someone got shot during a robbery attempt.  This kind of stuff is why I am behind the 2nd amendment and I also have the permit.  I will not get into the politics of carrying, it is my choice under the law, therefore, I support that right so granted me and others.

Looking at the title and thinking about what I wrote here, maybe the wild west should be the wild north since the shooting was north of my hometown and a mile from where I live.  I have adjusted for the misnomer.  In all rights, the combat zone is not this area even if we do have problems at times, the gang concentration if more in Atlanta than here.  I am about 50 miles westward of Atlanta.

Doing some research and will be back with maybe some news of good or bad as published in our world today.

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