Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others

From the day that I became interested in the Blog concept, not knowing nothing about what I would be doing to bring about a post.  Still do not, I am sure, but even on the other social media as in the title list.  I use to go to Facebook often just to see what someone was up to, not to really have a communication with anyone.  YouTube, I would go there to learn something sometime.  It is hard to track the concept and the computer is the venue that you are watching the instructions from.  Twitter, I do like it some but really 140 words.  Get real.

You know even with all the safety each social media has people still get on there to solicit people for money and marriage.  You look their background up and it has two pictures, a few words but at the same time, the conversation starts out slowly, then a long letter comes to you wanting money for a mic, ticket to the US, or romance.  I block them long before that point but I do see it coming.  Now I will not even let them get to the long letter part of their story.  They are all the same, picture has changed, the name changed, but the words are the same.

Forward we shall move and life will be good.

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