Computer life!

I remember when the first computers were coming out onto the market.  Apple had one, Macintosh was an Apple brand, IBM had one, Compaq had one.  I do not know how we used them then because memory was nothing at all.  When the internet came around computers went wild, all households almost had one.

The crash of the market in the 90’s changed things a lot.  Space travel did wonders for small chips, more memory, and eventually cheaper units.  By that time we had the cell phones out, a bit larger than now.  Soon, the cell phones turned into a pocket computer, PDA’s, Blackberries, etc.  Now today, memory and keyboards are all around us.  A 3-year-old can work a phone better that many adults.

Technology, we have to love it.  So if we are so smart on the internet, then why can’t we upgrade the GRID, make it technical, and secure it someway to keep hackers from getting into it.  Do not publicise how it works and the security behind its operation.

I am just one person, I have a large desktop, 2×2 laptop, two tablets, and a cell, myself.  A big house full of people wow, one would wonder.  I do not do games on anything that I have.  I tried Candy Crust once for a while, I learned that I was not smart enough for that game.  A computer world, a computer life.

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