WordPress vs typepad & blogger

A while back when I came here to WP, to be honest I had already started with Blogger (Google), and high standing TypePad.  Once I started with WP  I, so call, fell in love with.  Not that is easy like the other two, because it is not.  I would send out something and of course no response, I think all messages (Post) were going to a cemetery.  On WP, even before I figured most of it out and started driving my viewers nuts, lol, I hope not, I was getting feedback is some form or another.  I feel much better when I know my WP post are going to live people, maybe with sudo names but that is fine, be who you want to be, I do, of course I am myself.

When I first came to WP I came to the bottom level, not knowing what I was getting into, but they have a great resume’ which is where I want to be.  I joined LinkedIn for the same reason.  I quickly moved up to the business level because I can do so much more and I am enjoying it also.  I am in the lower number but I am also new here and need a lot more practice, then maybe I will get more numbers.  I am not complaining I am happy.  I am confident, self esteemed, and strong ego, I am moving along now.  I choose the right place to hang my fingers.  I still have the other two for right now, I believe I will be locking that door soon and put them in a fade away trance.

I understand within a couple of hours my space ship will arrive for the evening.  I will gain some space knowledge on their mission then will hibernate for the dark hours of the night.


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