Videos: Someone ask why do I?

Videos: Someone ask why do I?  Well, I do play around with them here at home or even elsewhere.  I do it mostly in a private setting, no, not risque′ type, mainly to work on my voice output.  I get a lot of criticism because I have a bad voice, not clear or pronounced.  So I talk to my camera and play it back to see how I am doing.  A therapy, per se. I have advanced greatly by doing this.  I never knew how bad it was until I began playing around with it.  When I would talk it would sound clear and pronounced to me, but of course I was also saying the words.  I do not get as many “What” like use to get.  Communications seems to be much better.

Someone told me last night that when texting they have a problem spelling correctly so they talk to the phone so it will spell the words and type out the text.  I said, yes but if I did that only GOD knows what kind of mess would come out.  We both went with the lol statement.

I like doing this, no talking just fingers moving.  I use to when I was in the Army type around 120 wpm.  That has been a long time ago.  I am still pretty good at typing and fast to.  I took a job interview with a news agency once and had to type online live.  I ace that part of the interview.  I did not want to stand there and type that fast and long hours as I would be required to do.  I keep saying it and I try to live it, better yourself by practice and learn something new each day.  So tis is Videos: Someone ask why do I?  Now you know.

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