Persian Gulf tour

Years ago, I was on a ship and we had been dispatched to the Persian Gulf.  On the way there we had to stop about 10 to 12 hours in the middle of the Suez Canal so the ships coming toward the Mediterranean Sea could get through.  It was night-time and we went back to our flight deck and laid back on the deck looking up into the skies.  The neat thing about that was the shooting stars, the visibility of satellites moving around, and all of the constellations that were standing out.

We had stopped in the ports of Egypt and Israel for a few days.  Egypt’s water was so oily and nasty, it spoiled the visit.  People were nice enough though.  Not a normal type of port visit.  Israel was very different, clean water, fun things going on, and the people women, men all were in uniform, they are required to serve so many years in their military.

Later in the evening we were underway for the Indian Ocean the into the Persian Gulf.  This was before the hostage situation of 1979.  We moved into the Persian Gulf and to Bahrain where we were up for an along side a service ship.  Well,  it happen one morning we found out the hostages were taken and we had to get underway and observe.  The waters were full of sea snakes, deadly, and due to the speed of our ship, we fished from the stern (the back of the ship) catching sharks which we used for bait.  We did about six months in the Gulf then back home to Charleston, S.C.  The life of a sailor.

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