Pest control 5/22/2018

Some news events to think about:


So as we go about our day, remember schools are out in many places and the kids will be out and playing.  This youngster looks so happy, but where is mama?  I am sure she is very close by, look out if she sees you too close.


Now I knew someone was watching.  Cute bugger looks almost fake, but this not fake news, it is my news.  Remember someone is watching from some tree or limb somewhere.

I hope all enjoyed this composit of fun and truth.  Pest control is about today.

Comment if you want, like if you can or will, just smile as you walk away.


Birds chirping

Woke this Tuesday morning to the sound of nature, a bird chirping as if it was so happy.  I do not know if it is a nester or just calling for its mate to help with the building of the nest.  It is too early for the young to be playing as kids will do.

The darkness is still lingering around for now, but within an hour or so the sun maybe will peep it head out and another spring day will immerse.  My space ship departed this morning to a destination unknown to me, so I remain here to look after my areas and to communicate the yeas and the nays.

I will be gone a bit, upon my return I will check the news briefs to see if any good news it on the market that I can speak about.  So in the mean time the little bird has all of the news to tell.  On don’t forget the pest control intervenes today.