WordPress vs typepad & blogger

A while back when I came here to WP, to be honest I had already started with Blogger (Google), and high standing TypePad.  Once I started with WP  I, so call, fell in love with.  Not that is easy like the other two, because it is not.  I would send out something and of course no response, I think all messages (Post) were going to a cemetery.  On WP, even before I figured most of it out and started driving my viewers nuts, lol, I hope not, I was getting feedback is some form or another.  I feel much better when I know my WP post are going to live people, maybe with sudo names but that is fine, be who you want to be, I do, of course I am myself.

When I first came to WP I came to the bottom level, not knowing what I was getting into, but they have a great resume’ which is where I want to be.  I joined LinkedIn for the same reason.  I quickly moved up to the business level because I can do so much more and I am enjoying it also.  I am in the lower number but I am also new here and need a lot more practice, then maybe I will get more numbers.  I am not complaining I am happy.  I am confident, self esteemed, and strong ego, I am moving along now.  I choose the right place to hang my fingers.  I still have the other two for right now, I believe I will be locking that door soon and put them in a fade away trance.

I understand within a couple of hours my space ship will arrive for the evening.  I will gain some space knowledge on their mission then will hibernate for the dark hours of the night.

Persian Gulf tour

Years ago, I was on a ship and we had been dispatched to the Persian Gulf.  On the way there we had to stop about 10 to 12 hours in the middle of the Suez Canal so the ships coming toward the Mediterranean Sea could get through.  It was night-time and we went back to our flight deck and laid back on the deck looking up into the skies.  The neat thing about that was the shooting stars, the visibility of satellites moving around, and all of the constellations that were standing out.

We had stopped in the ports of Egypt and Israel for a few days.  Egypt’s water was so oily and nasty, it spoiled the visit.  People were nice enough though.  Not a normal type of port visit.  Israel was very different, clean water, fun things going on, and the people women, men all were in uniform, they are required to serve so many years in their military.

Later in the evening we were underway for the Indian Ocean the into the Persian Gulf.  This was before the hostage situation of 1979.  We moved into the Persian Gulf and to Bahrain where we were up for an along side a service ship.  Well,  it happen one morning we found out the hostages were taken and we had to get underway and observe.  The waters were full of sea snakes, deadly, and due to the speed of our ship, we fished from the stern (the back of the ship) catching sharks which we used for bait.  We did about six months in the Gulf then back home to Charleston, S.C.  The life of a sailor.

Email update

I forgot to tell all that the email is not functional.  I had a setting wrong the other day and I thought it was working, but I flipped a switch and it began working like should.  So if you have tried in the past, it does work now.


Thank you.

Videos: Someone ask why do I?

Videos: Someone ask why do I?  Well, I do play around with them here at home or even elsewhere.  I do it mostly in a private setting, no, not risque′ type, mainly to work on my voice output.  I get a lot of criticism because I have a bad voice, not clear or pronounced.  So I talk to my camera and play it back to see how I am doing.  A therapy, per se. I have advanced greatly by doing this.  I never knew how bad it was until I began playing around with it.  When I would talk it would sound clear and pronounced to me, but of course I was also saying the words.  I do not get as many “What” like use to get.  Communications seems to be much better.

Someone told me last night that when texting they have a problem spelling correctly so they talk to the phone so it will spell the words and type out the text.  I said, yes but if I did that only GOD knows what kind of mess would come out.  We both went with the lol statement.

I like doing this, no talking just fingers moving.  I use to when I was in the Army type around 120 wpm.  That has been a long time ago.  I am still pretty good at typing and fast to.  I took a job interview with a news agency once and had to type online live.  I ace that part of the interview.  I did not want to stand there and type that fast and long hours as I would be required to do.  I keep saying it and I try to live it, better yourself by practice and learn something new each day.  So tis is Videos: Someone ask why do I?  Now you know.

Post: what is it?

A post can be many things:

  • Is that which holds a fence
  • A name of a road i.e., Post Rd
  • An office or building name i.e., Post Office
  • A name for cereal i.e., Post Toasties
  • A brand name Post
  • An action in the military, i.e., Post the Guard
  • An Action of a Blog, i.e., Post – material to read

I would also think that they’re many more ideas.  I am good with what I came up with here.  So here we initialize by Publishing a Post.  Go for it and give it your best.