Pest control

I have given it some thought, and I will think hard about it tonight, that is pest control.  I will describe it as it happens and sees if I can make more racket than I do with so many posts.  I know that I get a lot of likes as it is, that is often, I surprise myself sometimes but that is ok.  I am dealing with so many nice, smart, talented people out there in the great cyber world.  Only this wonderful world has such variety of smart peoples.  I am trying to fit in and I feel that I have in many ways.  So many countries and such variety of talent.  Well, my spaceship has landed so now I have to make preps for the night activities, sleep, no dreams, and relax.  So as the sun rises, I hope that I shall also and when I do my day journey will begin and I will reminisce at that time.  So until may the pest be on alert, the pest control is about to stamp them out.

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