Crazy news 1

Crazy news 1 continues the hunt for crazy news, however, none was found today that differentiated from yesterday’s Crazy news.  I did, however, find one item of interest.

  • Where is the lane, it seems that these self-driving cars are confused because of the state of our roads.  They are not sure what lane they should be in.  Heck, I too am feeling the same way when I drive.

I will continue to search for some crazy news items or news of interest to some or all.  Fake news is everywhere so it really should not be that hard to find it, just finding the right place at the right time.

A new day of a new week

A new day of a new week now begins to play out.  I have nothing really going on this week, I have one appointment on Wednesday in Atlanta at a doctors for a bunch of test for VA.  I am in the mist of applying for more disability, so they want my doctors to provide information then they want to pay some other outfit to do the same.  But if it works then I have no complaints.  The good thing is that I am off to a good fresh start for today and the week.  So goes a new day of a new week.