Again back in time

Someone may be thinking, just how many times can a person go back in time and pull out something to talk about.  Well, no answer on that but I amaze myself each time I am able to pull anything from the past that might be of interest to another.  When I do recall something from the past and bring it forth to the future as in now, is it still from the past?  I believe it might still be, the event has never changed, just the story as told is current.

For the older readers, you to might remember i.e., on Sunday when the family gathers for Sunday dinners at the parents home, a lot of food, sweets, and BS going on.  Kids eat first and away from the table, normally only what the adults want you to have not what you want, adults eat, sit, and talk at the table, kids not allowed in conversations.  Kids go outside away from the adults, then the adults come out women inside doing dishes and talking, men outside smoking, talking, and standing around.  Kids, if around the adults do not know what they are talking about so do not but into a conversation.

But regardless how I may have felt in the later years, I truly miss those days and the people now mostly gone elsewhere not to return.  Again back in time, I wonder alone.

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