The old days

Many years ago we either used horses or mules to pull out wagons into town.  Today we have problems to even get to town because of so many cars and trucks not to say the rudeness.  I remember when I was going to school I use to walk both ways, sometime I would ride my bike.  I never regret that part of my life, it was fun to me and freedom to take my time.  Today kids cannot even get on a bus unless some adult watches them and then the driver becomes the target for their rudeness.  Of course in some areas the kids also carry guns because of gang warfare.

I was not an ace student but I do think I did well and made a good life for myself.  I saw something earlier and ask if I could use it.  She said yes.  I will change a couple of words because there is a need.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I do my best, but having two langugages, shut up and talk neither am I good at, revolving in my brain (yes, I have one), sometimes the result is more bi- than unilingual.

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