It is that time

It is that time again, the rain has begun, a few bites of thunder, the darkness is coming in, and I shall prepare myself for tomorrow.  I have no plans, but one never knows what might climb out of the woodwork.

  • I live with a routine
  • Four times a day I medicate
  • four times a day I eat something
  • I drink coffee in the morning
  • I drink water or diet coke the rest of the day
  • I go somewhere if I want to,
  • I have two cars on standby ready to ride.
  • Some people fish, I do not
  • It is to me, better to run to the store and buy them already cleaned ready to cook
  • Of course, I will be on this machine for a while tomorrow, a bunch probably

So, it is that time again.

Disclaimer: Not reponsible for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I do my best, but having two langugages, shut up and talk, revolving in my brain (yes, I have one), sometimes the result is more bi- than unilingual.

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