It is that time

It is that time again, the rain has begun, a few bites of thunder, the darkness is coming in, and I shall prepare myself for tomorrow.  I have no plans, but one never knows what might climb out of the woodwork.

  • I live with a routine
  • Four times a day I medicate
  • four times a day I eat something
  • I drink coffee in the morning
  • I drink water or diet coke the rest of the day
  • I go somewhere if I want to,
  • I have two cars on standby ready to ride.
  • Some people fish, I do not
  • It is to me, better to run to the store and buy them already cleaned ready to cook
  • Of course, I will be on this machine for a while tomorrow, a bunch probably

So, it is that time again.

Disclaimer: Not reponsible for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I do my best, but having two langugages, shut up and talk, revolving in my brain (yes, I have one), sometimes the result is more bi- than unilingual.

The old days

Many years ago we either used horses or mules to pull out wagons into town.  Today we have problems to even get to town because of so many cars and trucks not to say the rudeness.  I remember when I was going to school I use to walk both ways, sometime I would ride my bike.  I never regret that part of my life, it was fun to me and freedom to take my time.  Today kids cannot even get on a bus unless some adult watches them and then the driver becomes the target for their rudeness.  Of course in some areas the kids also carry guns because of gang warfare.

I was not an ace student but I do think I did well and made a good life for myself.  I saw something earlier and ask if I could use it.  She said yes.  I will change a couple of words because there is a need.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. I do my best, but having two langugages, shut up and talk neither am I good at, revolving in my brain (yes, I have one), sometimes the result is more bi- than unilingual.

A steaming vacumn cleaner

I have a steaming vacumn cleaner and have had for 3 or 4 years.  It does a great job of getting spots up, fluffing the carpet, and making life nicer around here.  I tried something different a bit ago, that is I had some spots on the floor in the kitchen.  Well I was doing the vacumn and decided to squirt some cleaner on the spots and run over it with the machine.  Lo and behold it worked the spots came right up.  This was on a taped fake hardwood looking floor.  I had never considered that before so again James has learned something new just by being aggressive in his todays todo.  I hate to break out a mop and fight the sink for water to clean with.  I would call this a mission accomplished.♣×♦”∏

A share of a good story

What constitutes a complication? When does the complexity exceed the nature of the problem to the point where someone would really rather die than have to deal with all that “stuff”? For example — it’s dinnertime but the shrimp isn’t defrosted and you can’t cook the potatoes because you ran out of onions. Home fries […]

via COMPLICATION, COMPLEXITY AND NO ONE IS LISTENING – Marilyn Armstrong — Serendipity – Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Take credit

Let’s say that each life is a book.  There would be a lot of books, many different stories, and many laughs as each book is read.  It is not what the story is at the time it happen, it is how it told at some later date that matters.  Suppose I say in 1973 I did something bazaar and did not talk about it for many years to come.  Not that it was bad, but maybe not popular at the time.  No harm was done to anyone as a result.  Now I can bring the subject up and tell the story of what, how, and the result of in a way that is funny to many and nothing is considered bad.  The question is, would I do it again?, do I regret it?, or how do I feel about it now?.  It is my story and I am sticking to it.

I describe in first person because I know myself better than others.  No I am not perfect, yes I have done things in my life that I might do different today.  Regrets, yes some, over all I just enjoyed my short life on this earth.  Regrets or no regrets I will always take credit for what I do, have done, and what I have become.  It is my book and it runs cover to cover, all about me, myself, and I.

Tell your story however you want, make it interesting, and I am sure it will be, regret not, look forward, and be honest.  Laugh with those who laugh, for those who criticize ignore them for they are not perfect.  Make believe for sure.