Space to spare

Today, another day in retirement, I embarked a project that was long needed but procrastination stood in the way of progress.  The project is rather simple, just time-consuming but the end results is awesome.

  • Washing clothes
  • Washing a few dishes
  • Filling out some VA Disability papers
  • Drying clothes
  • Eating a couple of times
  • Moving can goods around in the cabinets and dusting
  • Found a lot of free space for the future
  • Swept the floors
  • Steamed the carpet

And now it is break time.  I will be tired later, maybe about 11pm tonight.  I will be here off and on, maybe some TV later, oh I forgot I do not have cable just the internet, ok then HULU, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Fire stick, Roku or maybe just hang out here with nice people.  Space to spare!  That is awesome for me to accomplish.

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