I was just thinking and shoes came to mind. I can’t remember her name but it was the President of the Philippines wife, she had so many shoes and I am correct both of them went to prison for something.

Women and their shoes!  Shoes makes a person feel good, taller, looking good, and I hope a conversation.  Men, at least those that I know, are not big shoe fans.  I know I am not, I will wear them until, then repair them if needed but that profession had died away over the years.  I use to like cowboy boots and biker boots, heck it cost more to put a new sole on them than the whole boot cost.

I tend to wear sandals when possible, tennis type shoes, and a couple of dress type shoes.  I still have knee-high boot and regular high boots but hardly ever wear them.

The cost of shoes and boots is unreal.  But, I guess we need them.  Another day, another pair of shoes.

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