Receipe of a video

  • A computer, smart phone, or tablet, microphone, head set or speakers
  • A webcam, DSLR, a video able, or other good quality cameras
  • Tripod, some cables (USB), some light, SD card, or other media
  • A story to tell, event going on, scenic view, or a historic point
  • Knowledge of video editing, (Adobe Premier Pro) is one example
  • A playback platform, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

You take the above and with some time and subject matter, you can make, edit, and produce your own video to show around the world.  If you do go that route, test your product before sending it all over the world.  Make sure you are happy with the final product.  Remember practice makes perfect, the more you do the better you get because you will learn something different each attempt.

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