In the beginning clothing was a characteristic acquired by humans from skins and vegetation.  As the man moved from place to place, the climate would change hot to cold or cold to hot.  They would use what was available to satisfy their needs.

The came yarn.  As man got smarter, yarn was used in different ways, knit, was one way.  Machines were products of inventions used to manufacture cloth.  The art of combining the cloth into garments evolved in the same way skins and vegetation clothing did.

Today, it remains a characteristic of mankind, the pros or cons I will leave to each readers ideas.  Clothing has become a social spectral, who can out do another.  Others it is used as protection in jobs performances.  Costumes for actors or mod people around the world.  Clothes, required by law but also clothing optional places are available for those who practice naturist.

Clothing, a good or bad thing?

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