I was just thinking and shoes came to mind. I can’t remember her name but it was the President of the Philippines wife, she had so many shoes and I am correct both of them went to prison for something.

Women and their shoes!  Shoes makes a person feel good, taller, looking good, and I hope a conversation.  Men, at least those that I know, are not big shoe fans.  I know I am not, I will wear them until, then repair them if needed but that profession had died away over the years.  I use to like cowboy boots and biker boots, heck it cost more to put a new sole on them than the whole boot cost.

I tend to wear sandals when possible, tennis type shoes, and a couple of dress type shoes.  I still have knee-high boot and regular high boots but hardly ever wear them.

The cost of shoes and boots is unreal.  But, I guess we need them.  Another day, another pair of shoes.

Space to spare

Today, another day in retirement, I embarked a project that was long needed but procrastination stood in the way of progress.  The project is rather simple, just time-consuming but the end results is awesome.

  • Washing clothes
  • Washing a few dishes
  • Filling out some VA Disability papers
  • Drying clothes
  • Eating a couple of times
  • Moving can goods around in the cabinets and dusting
  • Found a lot of free space for the future
  • Swept the floors
  • Steamed the carpet

And now it is break time.  I will be tired later, maybe about 11pm tonight.  I will be here off and on, maybe some TV later, oh I forgot I do not have cable just the internet, ok then HULU, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Fire stick, Roku or maybe just hang out here with nice people.  Space to spare!  That is awesome for me to accomplish.


In the beginning clothing was a characteristic acquired by humans from skins and vegetation.  As the man moved from place to place, the climate would change hot to cold or cold to hot.  They would use what was available to satisfy their needs.

The came yarn.  As man got smarter, yarn was used in different ways, knit, was one way.  Machines were products of inventions used to manufacture cloth.  The art of combining the cloth into garments evolved in the same way skins and vegetation clothing did.

Today, it remains a characteristic of mankind, the pros or cons I will leave to each readers ideas.  Clothing has become a social spectral, who can out do another.  Others it is used as protection in jobs performances.  Costumes for actors or mod people around the world.  Clothes, required by law but also clothing optional places are available for those who practice naturist.

Clothing, a good or bad thing?

To make art

  • Oils, pastels, lead, canvas, ideas, brushes, cleaning supplies
  • Looking out of a window, travel spots, something fun, whatever maks you happy as an idea of a subject to exercise your ability
  • Remember in oil art or other ideal ways to work, the subject is yours to make your way, they’re no right way or wrong way to accomplish what you do.  The training material that I have they say it does not matter what, just have fun doing it.
  • Conveying a story with paint is harder than using words.
  • Enjoy whatever you do.

Receipe of a video

  • A computer, smart phone, or tablet, microphone, head set or speakers
  • A webcam, DSLR, a video able, or other good quality cameras
  • Tripod, some cables (USB), some light, SD card, or other media
  • A story to tell, event going on, scenic view, or a historic point
  • Knowledge of video editing, (Adobe Premier Pro) is one example
  • A playback platform, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

You take the above and with some time and subject matter, you can make, edit, and produce your own video to show around the world.  If you do go that route, test your product before sending it all over the world.  Make sure you are happy with the final product.  Remember practice makes perfect, the more you do the better you get because you will learn something different each attempt.