A book

  • If you judge a book by its cover will you enjoy it
  • The color of the cover, does it really matter?
  • Thick book, or a thin book, which is better?
  • A white paper, or a paper of color, which has more influence?
  • So if you don’t like the cover, then why read the book?

I do not know, I open a book to begin reading and I get sleepy or I fall asleep.  I am able to read more on here than I can justify doing it because it is there.  I really wish I could speed read, and I did try to learn how once.  Of course being young reading was not my game at the time.

2 thoughts on “A book

  1. I really like this post…………it made me think about how I choose books, I do look at the size of the book………too thick and I know I probably won’t get through it. If I don’t like the cover, there is a less chance I will read it.

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