A book

  • If you judge a book by its cover will you enjoy it
  • The color of the cover, does it really matter?
  • Thick book, or a thin book, which is better?
  • A white paper, or a paper of color, which has more influence?
  • So if you don’t like the cover, then why read the book?

I do not know, I open a book to begin reading and I get sleepy or I fall asleep.  I am able to read more on here than I can justify doing it because it is there.  I really wish I could speed read, and I did try to learn how once.  Of course being young reading was not my game at the time.


I do not know the answer, but for sure we have to take it upon ourselves to just believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today.  I thought that I would try this out and see if it would work looks like it may have just done that.  Look out now I be a movie star soon. lol

Things that baffles me

A day is long and a lot can happen, internal or external.  But, you being strong and well-directed in your ways, say to yourself that you know your limitations, so set them aside and move forward, you can do them later.  The quote lost me for a minute there, if I understand the meaning when problems come up, you feel down and hopeless, that you are limited to a certain level of tolerance, set the problems aside and move on to the next issue and just do what you can.  The writing is long but I believe the meaning is clear.

Lol I should have been a palm reader.  Just make things that will make someone want to know more and hand out the money to hear you talk.

When I was an early teen, we use to play with a Ouija board at night and I believe in them.

I remember back

I remember back when I was younger, anyone could go down to the pet store, a 5 & 10, or even some hardware stores and purchase what was then called Ant Farms.  I, at that time, never understood why anyone would want to buy an Ant Farm when the ground had so many ants already living there.

Heck, if you sit on a log, a tree limb, or even the ground, they would find you and they could I guess over time eat you, but the liked to bite.  I slid off an old log once into a fire ant nest.  Without going into details it took forever to put the fire out.  Nothing worked.

Walking through a field and not realizing what I had done, I stepped on a nest of bumble bees.  It only took one to notify me that I had gone crazy and interrupted their dinner so I just got a warning not to do it again.  A sting right on the back.  At the house they would come to the porch and dig them a house in the overhead rafters.  I use to sleep on the porch sometime and flies were the only thing that ever bothered me.

Now, I went fishing with my granddaddy a few times, so here is where the story gets bazaar.  I grew up thinking what I was told was always true, not!  Snakes want bite under water.  I hear that they do, I do not know personally as I have never been bitten.  But now back to the story, my granddaddy wanted to fish with leaches, ok, so Richard as I was called then sticks his arm into the muddy bank and catches a lot of leaches.  Thinking nothing about what I was doing, but snakes live in the banks also.  The old tv show “Kids will say the darndest things”, now that is true, some of us will to the most stupidest things also.

I remember back we had an old blood hound.  He was just a yard dog then, he had lost his hunting training techniques.  My cousin and I was little and we would be out in the yard playing, this dog would always be with us keeping us safe.  I always refer to him as my baby sitter.  He is now long gone to doggy world but I remember him as he was today.

My page

If you have noticed (shop, account, cart, store)  These are not active nor set up yet.  I added them yesterday while thinking ahead.  I hope to run across some things like I use to deal with and at least try it here.  But my page awaits the future.  Also I am not sure how the email is working just yet, I hope it will work, they say it will.

I entered this comment just to alert you to any problems you might see with them.  You people are so wonderful and I thank you for being out there in the cyber world.