Why tomorrow and not today

I to, am guilty of doing this putting off till tomorrow and not doing today what I should do and with so much time to accomplish whatever.  So why tomorrow and not today?  I call it regimentation, I say that because when I was in the Army (not so much the Navy) no matter what you had to do it was covered by regulations and time frames to get done.  I have lived by that code for so long, then I “got lazy”, plenty of time on my hands and no hurry to get them dirty.

I believe in the slogan never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  Heck tomorrow it might just compound the requirements and you are behind already.

In the Navy, a great outfit to serve in, we had a lot of flexibility that we did not have in the Army.  I still tried to govern by the same code as much as I could.  I call that leadership of which I may or may not have had much of.  But we got the jobs done in a timely manner.  I had a great crew in both branches.

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