Travels around the world

Growing up in an average family, workers, and an average student, I’d never thought that I would have had the chance to travel to places that I did.  I lived in Frankfurt Germany for about 5 years over all.  I did a year in Viet Nam in 1968.  I did some R & R in Bangkok, Thailand, for a week.  I spend a couple of days in Guam.  Six weeks in Hawaii.  I did a year in Korea in the Young Son area.  I of course have traveled the United States as a semi-truck operator/owner.  I have been to Alaska then Vancouver BC.  Been to Shannon Ireland (my genetics is Irish), Greenland, Great Brittain, all over Europe, and into the Persian Gulf.  I have crossed the equator and spent a few days on an island in the Indian Ocean.  Of course I must not leave out Hong Kong, Okinawa, and the Philippines.

I have done so much in my younger years, I do wish I had maybe have done things a little different.  All of my pictures got misplaced so I am lacking there.

I saw the Mona Lisa in Paris.  Ate a lot of different kinds of food, some good and some I do not want to know.  But I do remember it all and it was a very strong education for a person from my life.  So travels around the world was an experience never forgotten.


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