Tossing and turning

I was sleeping well for a long while, but then, something happen.  I am now tossing and turning.  I remember back in the 60’s or maybe in the late 50’s and we had a song about the same.  This is the worse sleep night in a while that I have had.

Thursday, and it will be slow but I am now ahead of the game and for me it will be productive, I think.  When this is completed and posted, I will re-enter my space craft and attempt to finish my venture into shut-eye-ville for a bit longer.

A dream I do not have, I think my dreamer player is broken.  Dreamer players are like TVs you do not repair them you just hope that they will wake up one day and back to normal production.

My eyes are better this morning so far.  I did some drops last evening and I assume it may have washed the aggravation away.

Ok, I am about to go back to the drawing board, then enter the space ship for another attempt at sleep.  So until a later production, tossing and turning.

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