Lot has been accomplished

  • Got my hair cut, (not looking I initially went into a nail place).  The girl there told me they just raised the prices.  She found me a discount, of course it was hers anyway as I always give $25.
  • Dishes washed
  • Kitchen cleaned
  • If is fixing to rain again.  It is here now.
  • Cleaning the frig in 30 minutes
  • Shampoo carpet in living room.
  • I think today was a good day for reading blogs.  A lot of good stuff in print today.

I heard a bit ago that my sister’s friend had two free cruises, so my sister is going with her at no cost.  My sister said that she had won two a while back and gave that girl a free cruise.  My sisters birthday is June 2nd.  My very first girl friend’s (of the 3rd grade) birthday will be June 13th.  I call her twice a year, Christmas and her birthday.  Lot has been accomplished.

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