Smartphones, tablets, and computers

I was shocked when I read a study about this.  The talk is now about “smart cities”.  We have smart phones, robots male & female, is robot children on the way?, smart cars, smart trucks, is smart trains coming soon?, or even smart planes?.  The funny thing is that this not new.  It has been around for a number of years, but until some games came out with it, head sets, etc.  I guess when machines start to think for themselves then that is when we need to worry the most.  They will put man as we know out of the work force unless man goes back and learns so much more application.  This is a heads up, more is on the way.  This blurb is a thought to consider.

Lot has been accomplished

  • Got my hair cut, (not looking I initially went into a nail place).  The girl there told me they just raised the prices.  She found me a discount, of course it was hers anyway as I always give $25.
  • Dishes washed
  • Kitchen cleaned
  • If is fixing to rain again.  It is here now.
  • Cleaning the frig in 30 minutes
  • Shampoo carpet in living room.
  • I think today was a good day for reading blogs.  A lot of good stuff in print today.

I heard a bit ago that my sister’s friend had two free cruises, so my sister is going with her at no cost.  My sister said that she had won two a while back and gave that girl a free cruise.  My sisters birthday is June 2nd.  My very first girl friend’s (of the 3rd grade) birthday will be June 13th.  I call her twice a year, Christmas and her birthday.  Lot has been accomplished.

Travels around the world

Growing up in an average family, workers, and an average student, I’d never thought that I would have had the chance to travel to places that I did.  I lived in Frankfurt Germany for about 5 years over all.  I did a year in Viet Nam in 1968.  I did some R & R in Bangkok, Thailand, for a week.  I spend a couple of days in Guam.  Six weeks in Hawaii.  I did a year in Korea in the Young Son area.  I of course have traveled the United States as a semi-truck operator/owner.  I have been to Alaska then Vancouver BC.  Been to Shannon Ireland (my genetics is Irish), Greenland, Great Brittain, all over Europe, and into the Persian Gulf.  I have crossed the equator and spent a few days on an island in the Indian Ocean.  Of course I must not leave out Hong Kong, Okinawa, and the Philippines.

I have done so much in my younger years, I do wish I had maybe have done things a little different.  All of my pictures got misplaced so I am lacking there.

I saw the Mona Lisa in Paris.  Ate a lot of different kinds of food, some good and some I do not want to know.  But I do remember it all and it was a very strong education for a person from my life.  So travels around the world was an experience never forgotten.


Why tomorrow and not today

I to, am guilty of doing this putting off till tomorrow and not doing today what I should do and with so much time to accomplish whatever.  So why tomorrow and not today?  I call it regimentation, I say that because when I was in the Army (not so much the Navy) no matter what you had to do it was covered by regulations and time frames to get done.  I have lived by that code for so long, then I “got lazy”, plenty of time on my hands and no hurry to get them dirty.

I believe in the slogan never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  Heck tomorrow it might just compound the requirements and you are behind already.

In the Navy, a great outfit to serve in, we had a lot of flexibility that we did not have in the Army.  I still tried to govern by the same code as much as I could.  I call that leadership of which I may or may not have had much of.  But we got the jobs done in a timely manner.  I had a great crew in both branches.

Thursday news

  • Oil up to $80/brl first time since 2014
  • Another Royal wedding in GB, well in the making. Bride’s father can’t make it.
  • In the US border issues, Republican leaders issues concerns to their groups.
  • US working with China about trade issues
  • Suggestions that GB use green dollars to pay for oil, climate change issues.
  • UN has been asked to consider rules against Israel

So many issues a few listed above.