Fox settles for $10 mil.

Over the past few years Fox News has had a problem with their employees and management.  I use to watch Fox News all the time, and I still will if I start back watching all of that noise, let me say that I never noticed it myself and I am sure it was an in-house thing also.  Now, yes somethings that I do not approve of was done on air by some of the anchors but that is my opinion.  I will submit the referring to guest and fellow anchors by their last names, never using their regular names.  Not professional.

The lawyers did make a nice pay check as a result of the decision.  But I guess they have bills to pay also.  I shall not opine any further.

Many states are suing over a drug, I assume it is a pain pill.  It is sad, some people may benefit from that pills use but because of a few crooked ones they will have to suffer.

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