Animals make great parents

Animals make great parents.  If you ever sit and watch ducks and their young, the hen will stop and look around before crossing a road, the young will be in order a line and the hen will keep guard on them.  The same is true in the water.  Large animals will fight to the finish for their youngs safety.  A bird will attack you if you get close to the nest.

I think the majority of humans are the same way, a few are not.

Watch birds fly.  They fly as an arrow.  Watch the military fly, they to fly as an arrow.  It is safer that way.

Animals make great parents.

$500 million settlement for sex crime

It seems like a lot, but in today’s world, it is really not that much.  I am not sure how many people were violated, but they did ask for that mess, and I doubt if that individual that committed the crimes has that much money anyway.  I should have read the blog that I just saw the headline on, but my eye is acting up right now, and I can’t read at all right now.  I see ok just so much liquid on my eyes.  Please read the other person’s blog and get more info.  I just wanted to mouth off about this kind of stupidity.

The rain came and gone

The rain came and gone.  The weather person (gender correctness) has been saying it was going to be here for three of four days.  Very little came at all.

I get the calls on my cell and it says spam calling.  Dang how many times do I need to keep telling these nut cases that the pick-up was sold four years ago.  How many times do I need to tell them my Elantra is a 2017 with 18k miles.  I do not need an extended warranties on nothing except me.

Cornbread and buttermilk.  Wow, it has been a while and yes it is a southern food and I will eat as much as I can.  Of course it is not “good” for me, but I figure George Burns was over 101, smoking a cigar and drinking his little drink.  I am sure he also was told it is not good for you George.  Life goes on.  Ham sandwiches is also good.

My Yukon SUV is also doing well, it has about 120k miles and runs like a dream.  The mechanic that does my service says he can’t find nothing wrong with it.  When I got the SUV it has 95K miles and a bumper to bumper 5 year coverage on it.

I think I will sleep good tonight, I have been tired all day for some reason.  I had a few issues earlier but finally got most of the settled now.  I just received a call from a friend which is 75 years of age and just went back to work playing with a dump truck at rock quarry.  He enjoys those short trucks.  I liked the 48 and 53 footers myself.  I always wanted to go places and not see the same dirt all day.  I will remain retired myself.  I make too much money now to work.

Ok ladies and gents in Blog land, or in Cyber world, enjoy and until the next chapter.

Comment, like, or sleep.

Finally I say Finally

I finally, found someone live on WP that got me hooked up to my G admin account and I am now able to use my email on here.

I still have the other one also.  Now if you send out 120+ blogs or more a day and I follow you, look for me to unfollow.  I am not being mean, just I do not have that kind of time right now.

Fox settles for $10 mil.

Over the past few years Fox News has had a problem with their employees and management.  I use to watch Fox News all the time, and I still will if I start back watching all of that noise, let me say that I never noticed it myself and I am sure it was an in-house thing also.  Now, yes somethings that I do not approve of was done on air by some of the anchors but that is my opinion.  I will submit the referring to guest and fellow anchors by their last names, never using their regular names.  Not professional.

The lawyers did make a nice pay check as a result of the decision.  But I guess they have bills to pay also.  I shall not opine any further.

Many states are suing over a drug, I assume it is a pain pill.  It is sad, some people may benefit from that pills use but because of a few crooked ones they will have to suffer.