Weekly event is now

At least every week I give my computer a scan for being so nice and working so hard for the rest of the week.  I figured if Robots are going to replace us that maybe, just maybe, we should be good to control centers.  I hardly ever find any bugs to worry about but if I do find a bug it is terminated immediately.  Normally if I have something invading my equipment I know it right then.  Now if doctors could be so complete in fixing problems in us non-robots.

I figure it is about the way a person treats their cars, etc., so if they treat all of their equipment good then it will have a friend for a long time.  The sad thing when the memory level is so large as in my case 4T and 500G, it takes a while to run the scans.  Kinda like at home when you and the wife are going somewhere, you(man) will be ready now, the wife takes a bit longer because want to look nice for you and also who wants to look bad in public.


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