The day continues

I was sitting here making a comment about my new theme and the internet went out.  By all indications the message did go out before it shut down.  I got it back on it does seem to be operational again.  I hope it was not because of what I said on the homepage.  Anyway, it is back.

It is about time for me to be nice to myself and cook.  What I have no idea right now.  I want to try something different also in my subject matter.  I want to try to get away from the, I and me, for a while.  A lot of things going on outside that I could write about the good and of course the bad.  We have crooked news to handle the bad.  I will try and entertain my mine and yours with something of good.  I read a well-written article today, it was kinda a “what if” type article.  I really enjoyed it and the fate of it all is true.

I also have to make some notes to myself for phone calls tomorrow.  I have been so lost today that I forgot to make the calls.  I need to start doing that anyway.  It is funny, to sit at a computer all day and not maintain a schedule for your to-do list.

Be back at a later time.


One thought on “The day continues

  1. Hi James!

    Looks like your site is coming along nicely. Looking forward to observing your progress. Too bad about the Internet going down. That can be very frustrating. Especially when working on a blog entry or something similar. Of note, I don’t believe it went down as a result of the intro you added to your start/home page. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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