Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

What is a Mother’s Day?
It is the one day, sit aside to honor mothers,
Mothers and Wives are two of the most under rated jobs to have.

The Father is the contributor, the Mother is the producer.
The Mother gives birth, and here after is called a Mother.
She may be called Mom, Mama, and of course Mother.
The Mother is now a teacher, caregiver, and a protector.
She feeds, cares for the child’s personal needs, and protects the child.
It’s a Mother’s love that is given to the child, not for money or income.
A Mother gives so much because it is her responsibility to care.
A Mother’s love is ever lasting.

So to all the dear Mother’s new and old, now and then.

Let me say to each in my way here,

Happy Mother’s Day


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