A new theme

I have been looking at the themes trying to find a new one that I like.  I found a couple that I do like and would have think hard about them because they are so different that where I am now.  I want a weekly one.

You will see if soon if I decide to do it.

One thought on “A new theme

  1. Go ahead and try one or more out. I like to preview them and customize them via the PREVIEW option. I recently went through 3 different themes, each time thinking I liked the theme only to figure out later that something didn’t sit well with me. I believe the theme I have now is a good theme. I like the layout and the options it offers.

    It never hurts to try a new theme, in my opinion. sometimes a new them can really get me excited and ready to post a bunch of new articles.

    Have fun with it and don’t worry, you can’t break nothing with WordPress when you’re blog is hosted on WordPress.com.

    Enjoy! 🙂

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