A new theme

I have been looking at the themes trying to find a new one that I like.  I found a couple that I do like and would have think hard about them because they are so different that where I am now.  I want a weekly one.

You will see if soon if I decide to do it.

Whose knows, not me

∞ Is a long time, I can not reach the other end no matter what kind of math I use.  I hear a good life is the same way, it never stops.  It continues with no considerations at all.  If anyone understands what I just said then you will live forever.  I have no clue myself what I said.

Sometime, I tend to do that, jaw off and talk so much that I am the only one listening.  Wow, the funny thing is it is natural for me to do this, why I have no idea.  Now to be more of the way I should be.

I, as I said yesterday really have nothing going on today.  So I plan one just doing some of this and maybe some courses on LinkedIn.  I have done so many of the courses already and I have about 12 started that I need to finish one day.  I enjoy them as much as I do when I work on these little bit of words that I put out each day.  I wish I was a good writer and then I could maybe do something more advanced, I am not for so many reasons that It would take me a while to just list the reasons.  Lot of the taught ways of English is coming back.

Tomorrow I go to one of my doctors as a follow-up.  I am scheduled for 15 minutes.  Wow, at what they charge per hour, 15 minutes per visitor is a pot full of money.

Ok good people,  break time. back soon.

Lonely, I’m not, sad I am

Lonely, I’m not, sad I am because in my heart I know you are near

You are missed so by many, and as always loved so dear

Your pain is no longer, your happiness of family remains strong

My dear mother, I miss you and love you, you are where you belong.

Lonely, I’m not, sad I am.

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day

What is a Mother’s Day?
It is the one day, sit aside to honor mothers,
Mothers and Wives are two of the most under rated jobs to have.

The Father is the contributor, the Mother is the producer.
The Mother gives birth, and here after is called a Mother.
She may be called Mom, Mama, and of course Mother.
The Mother is now a teacher, caregiver, and a protector.
She feeds, cares for the child’s personal needs, and protects the child.
It’s a Mother’s love that is given to the child, not for money or income.
A Mother gives so much because it is her responsibility to care.
A Mother’s love is ever lasting.

So to all the dear Mother’s new and old, now and then.

Let me say to each in my way here,

Happy Mother’s Day