Baking is good

I as in me, just dug my little oven out from its storage place.  Now it is fired up with the biscuits in it and I think I might eat something good tonight.  Probably not but a dream does not hurt in the middle of the day.  So Baking is good.

Follow-up 1

Saturday: Day 8, Sunday: Day 9, and More

A follow-up to my previous post.

I am low on that on medication, so I ordered it by the way it is currently set up.  I was supposed to be for a 90-day supply but written for a 30-day supply.  Ok now here is the situation; since the home delivery by mail is for a 90-day supply, one bottle or three bottles each represent a 30-day supply, the co-pay will be $53.00 with free shipping.  Now the kicker is the value of the pills is less than the co-pay.  So, on Monday I will be legging it for a bit to put some wood on the fire.  Like the lady said that I was talking to a lot of people are worse off, and I know that.

The egg

The egg as we know it is an amazing thing.  It is life.  It is food.  It is life and food.  It can incubate by the hen sitting on it for a period of time, or by man and a lighted contraption.  Again, the rooster starts the process then moves on.  No marriages.  No divorces.  Just kids.

It is all part of the life of an egg.  Oh, did I say no jobs or layoffs?

The egg.


Saturday: Day 8, Sunday: Day 9, and More

Today, Saturday: Day 8, and tomorrow Sunday: Day 9, I will not be doing much but working mostly on the below comments.  I have to find a solution to the problem as the pharmacy sends the meds out and wants the money soon after that.  I can understand them wanting money, that is why they exist.  A fixed income person sometime can’t pile up all payments at the same time.  No, I am not at the poor mark, nor am I at the rich mark, I am in between the marks somewhere.  But, make sure the math adds up correctly before wanting something that exceeds the true cost.

I am putting my thoughts on paper tonight.  I want to remember what I say here because I could hurt someone’s feelings by what I say.  I do, however, believe no one at the VA or a Government official will ever see this or hear my name.

I, as a retiree, am entitled to medical benefits after retirement. Sometime the Government will make changes, and I do understand that.   Well, my government did put into effect a plan on Feb 1, 2018, which added co-pays to all meds.  You know, I have no problem with paying some of the expense to have a good insurance plan.  The Obama Care mess did suck as far as I am concerned.

All the Government for the last 8 or more years has done is to try to take all our money with their ideas in return keep saying “That is what the people want.” I have never heard anyone say that they wanted to be broke, nor have I ever heard anyone say that they were happy that the government was taking so much.

Ok, now here is the deal:  I have two or three meds on home delivery thru my retired insurance plan.  The co-pay is $53 for a 90-day delivery.  Ok now for one bottle, a 30-day supply, co-pay would also be $53 if I use home delivery.  If I go out here to a real drug store, the co-pay should be around $11 for one bottle, a 30-day supply.  The math does not add up.  I am hot but know this mess always happens on a Friday, mostly on a 4-day weekend.  I will get it fixed well, at least I will move in the right direction to do so next week.  A lot of phone calls are building up on this right now in my head.  More on this will come next week as I progress.

Don’t get me wrong I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH VA.  I have never had a problem with any of my three plans.  But when the math does not add up, then I must raise holy smoke because something is wrong somewhere.  I plan to go to Walgreen today and ask them the question and see what they tell me about the co-pay cost.

This concludes Saturday: Day 8, Sunday: Day 9, and More.