Inward I shall go

Inward I shall go.  One would ask what the heck does that mean?  To the majority it would mean nothing.  To me it describes an action that I need to take in my life.  I have to try with an utmost effort to lose some weight.  Not that I am excessive, I am not, heavy yes.  The weight needs to be lower.  The girth needs reduced.  I also need to do for some health reasons.  It will take a lot effort because I have some things wrong with me right now that preclude me from do a lot that I use to do.  But, I CAN DO IT, and I will do it also. I shall update my goals mysteries as they occur.

3 thoughts on “Inward I shall go

  1. Hey, much love on your path. If you need some assist, there are many ways to loose weight with little effort.
    Looking forward to hearing about all your progress!

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