Today has changed

Today, I had company to drop by to wash clothes.  Well, I do allow sometimes but I had rather they buy their own washer/dryers.  They were here all afternoon, gone now back to their home.

I stopped by and picked me up a salad and a drink.  I am back home now.

When I look at the stats, the world map has been gone all day.  The note says that the map does not exist.  I do know if it just me or everyone.

It has warmed up outside, the pollen is high, the wind is up and I have began to know it, with caught and allergies.  I will make it thru the night.

Today has changed.


Inward I shall go

Inward I shall go.  One would ask what the heck does that mean?  To the majority it would mean nothing.  To me it describes an action that I need to take in my life.  I have to try with an utmost effort to lose some weight.  Not that I am excessive, I am not, heavy yes.  The weight needs to be lower.  The girth needs reduced.  I also need to do for some health reasons.  It will take a lot effort because I have some things wrong with me right now that preclude me from do a lot that I use to do.  But, I CAN DO IT, and I will do it also. I shall update my goals mysteries as they occur.

Home phone

I have been getting almost non stop calls wanting me to take out some insurance, donate to a cause Police ball or something, to buy warranties on vehicle that I do not own any longer.  Yesterday I called the cable company and told them that I was tired and if they could not stop it then cancel the service.  Well, now I can call out on the phone but no one can call in on it.  I never use that phone anyway, I just got tired of all the wasted calles.  I use SKYPE and cell, sometime I use FB or Google phones.

I like giving them heck for stuff like that.  Heck I can’t even call that phone I do not even know the number.  I never call myself. lol.

Friday: Day 7

A week has gone by and I feel like I have had a productive week.  I hope the weekend will be productive because I do not really have much to do this weekend.  So I plan on being right here doing something, be it Adobe, or WordPress.  I enjoy both one is full learning mode and the other is just fun to me.  We will see what happens.  I know on Monday morning I have a doctor’s appointment, but it will not be a big thing either.

In the USA, Sunday is an honored day for Mothers.  My mother is not longer her but she knows that I am think of her.  We have been together my whole life except from Oct 5, 2005.  I will not go the limits for our honoring of Fathers, I never knew my dad that well and the last thing that I said to him back when I was 16 or 17 was not very nice and I do feel bad about not fixing it by now.

Today is a Friday, so not much going on around here.  I may get out some this weekend and take my camera and see what I can come up with.  If I do you will know by Monday if I did or not.